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The security housing named Yanghu blue sky belongs to the resettlement housing project of the Yanghuyuan water conservancy comprehensive renovation projects. It’s located in the Xiangjiang Lake area Changsha District Xiaoxiang Avenue South extension line to the West, Pingtang avenue east, south to south third ring, mountain roads and Wells with pond road on the north. A total construction area is of nearly 600 thousand square meters.

The project is designed according to the standard of public green three stars, which is fully prefabricated and constructed. This system solves the shortcomings of traditional construction methods of housing leakage, insulation, energy-saving insulation, poor precision and quality defects. The construction period is short and the cost is controllable. In addition, it has the outstanding advantages in insulation effect.

At present, the lake ecological wisdom new town plan to make green building area reach to 7 million 600 thousand square meters. The proportion of two stars and above is 33.3%. The security housing named Yanghu blue sky is the largest green building precast building in Hunan province. It promotes the development of Hunan housing industry, and promotes the extensive use of integrated residential structure system and the widespread application of prefabricated construction technology in the lake area. Also the area has the central region's largest city wetland ecosystem, water environment and water ecological regeneration reuse engineering, regional renewable energy center, ocean water lake and Ocean Lake ring bike slow system, to create a smart city form area " two type" blight spots.